January 30, 2014

You and I

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She came into my life and everything changed. A new chapter of life had begun.
When I first saw her, she seemed scared. When I first touched her, she looked back with squinty eyes. She looked most beautiful when she quivered in my arms but I pacified her.
She gazed around to absorb her new surroundings. After that, every time she came to me, she realized I didn’t mean any harm. She realized I couldn’t live without her. She realized this is her family now.
From today I will be her mother... And she will be my baby girl.
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  1. I have two daughters… I felt exactly the way you have written :) Beautiful!

  2. Awww :) Lovely thought and a lovely picture :) Perfect !

  3. Absolutely delightful post churned with love of a mother for a new born. Sweet with lots of love and melts the heart:)

  4. Very nice :) gr8 take on the prompt!