July 13, 2014

My Happy Place...

Of what use is a palace for me?
Only to wander about aimless and remain a mime?
Instead give me a cozy cottage and a candle's flame,
There I only yearn for some peace and lots of time.
Don't get me silver, don't gift me gold,
As unworthy as these can be.
I only crave for sweet solitude,
To set my soul and mind free.
Worries or problems can't reach me here,
There's no place left for envy too.
When I'm here, I weave my own world,
With countless books, me and you.
From the first break of dawn,
I’m lost in a trance with my only one.
I read and read to my heart's content,
Till the last ray of the evening sun.
They teach me about life,
They take me to different places.
They tell me about life's experiences,
Be it enormous quantities or miniscule traces.
When it’s late and about time,
I sulk to leave this space.
Because such a paradise is duly,
Every book aficionado’s happy place.

Source : Google Images
Tell me about your happy place. :)

Yours' truly,
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  1. I love your prose poem! And I love this book nook, though my preference would be built-in book shelves. My current happy place is my deck, lying back comfortably on a zero gravity chair or reading or eating outside looking at the green beauty around me and listening to the birds sing: such a delight! :) <3

    1. Thanks Elly :) I would totally envy such a spot which is devoid of worldly problems just letting us indulge in the moment, read the book in peace and enjoy nature.

  2. Such a heartfelt poem! I loved every bit of it. The photo you added does justice to your words. I'd love spending an entire life in this place

    1. Thanks Soumyaa. If only I could build such a spot for myself ;)

  3. Hey a beautifully woven piece of magic full of inspiration and positive feeling:)

    1. Thanks V. Our happy place definitely needs to keep us inspired and optimistic. :)

  4. Very beautiful! I love your poetry!

  5. aww... how sweet is that. My happy corner is the couch where i lounge around with books, TV and laptop. And when I am in mood its the balcony for the fresh air. I can spend an entire day on the couch!!

    Tina from The Sunny Side of Life

    1. Ahhh the couch - a place of eternal happiness.... I should have probably added my laptop to the above picture too. Considering we spend atleast a quarter of the day on it ;)

  6. Lovely poem... I would love to sit in that couch with a cup of coffee and forget the world :)

    1. Thanks Gauri... Wish we all could forget our problems by just remaining seated on that couch :)

  7. Lovely poem! and that book nook looks so special...i'd like something like that too :)

    1. Thanks Kajal :) Isn't it a beautiful spot to just curl up and read all day ?