May 29, 2014

The Anguish of Pain

Asha was restless over the million thoughts filling her head.

“I want to leave right now. But… I… can’t….

A family tradition should not be broken. But… I… have… no… choice...

Why does dad always say –‘The family that eats together stays together’?

This family never saw how much I ached all these months, how my only love dumped me for another, how the pain returned every night to remind me of his deception.

Enough is enough. My room is where my soreness and I shall rest forever.” –thought Asha.

She finished lunch, entered her room and ended her life.

Yours' truly,
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May 22, 2014

Choosing Life...

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Uncertainty ruled her life.

Trudging on an unknown path was hard.

If only, she could foretell her future.

Love was a priority but her first love always remained– showbiz.

Things turned out-of-control, so she took charge.

She chose the life of happiness, priorities, challenges...

She chose her love over her profession.

But pure deceit and infidelity were all that she received all these years.

She wished she knew then what she knew now.

Not once did she give up.

It’s never too late – screamed her life.

And so she geared up to return to her first love.

She chose “SHOWBIZ”.

Yours' truly,
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May 17, 2014


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Were you able to understand the words in today’s blog post heading? If yes, then you definitely would have cracked my first password 13 years ago. Because it was that simple.

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My parents bought our first computer during my teenage years while growing up in the Middle East. When I look back now it feels like a long time ago and maybe that’s the reason why I fail to recollect if we had any passwords on our computer system then. What with all the amazement and happiness to own a personal computer at home in the 1990s and with the sole purpose to only play computer games all day, who amongst me or baby bro would bother to set a password? Answer – Neither of us.

In 2000, when I moved to India for my higher studies, my maternal grandfather got me a computer on rental basis to help me with my computer studies and project work. Since I was the sole user of the desktop, setting a password was never on my mind. This is the same time when the email trend was catching up and Hotmail, Yahoo turned out to be the best of the lot choices for my friends. I decided to go with Hotmail and thus began my tryst with the web world.

When it came to setting a new password on my first email account, I was clueless. What was it supposed to look like ? Or what was it supposed to say ? Does it matter if all the letters are lower case or upper case ? Believe me; it was like opening a dam only to release a flood of water. Think about setting a new password; nothing but questions flood your mind. Add to it the necessity of being able to remember the password since you are going to using it all the time and you are done. You have comfortably made sure that pandemonium time is turned on.

After staring at the computer screen for a good 10-minutes, I thought of the first words that came to my mind – my nickname. Ok, now what ? Having my nickname as a password definitely seemed so simple. Anyone who has my email address and who knew me well would get into my account in a single attempt. I decided to complicate it a little. So I added my birth year at the end.

Now, wasn’t that clever ? As if adding my nickname as a password wasn't bad enough, I also added my birth year, which by the way all my friends and family know by-heart. So did I chuck the idea and choose a better one ? Nope. I had to make up my mind fast since the NEXT button on the user registration page seemed to stare at me for like forever and it also looked like it had magical powers – making me want to finalize a password in a jiffy and move on.

When BlogAdda’s WOW prompt for this weekend made me look back at my first password, it made me realize how na├»ve I was and how my first password turned out to be one of the worst possible passwords ever. But since it was a time when awareness of internet security was not a priority, it didn’t matter. 

So has my sense for passwords improved after so many years ? Well, let’s say from nicknames to favorite destinations, from birth years to life-changing years, from weird nothings to meaningful catch phrases, I have had it all. 

Yours' truly,
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May 9, 2014

An Incarnation of Love

This post was picked as a WOW post by BlogAdda in the Write-Over-the-Weekend initiative ! :-)

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You believed in me all my life no matter what...

You stood by me through all my choices whether right or not...

You taught me patience and perseverance whenever things revolted back…

You prove to be a master of all trades, and not just a jack…

All I have to say is - Thanks to you my world is sane today and not just a whirl; so ‘MOM’ I’m proud to say I’m your little girl… J

**This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.**
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