August 20, 2011

Learning Creativity

I stumbled upon this catalog one day, which arrived in the daily mail. The catalog was a mini-booklet of all adult education classes conducted at Cincinnati. It contained short term courses right from English speaking classes to Accountancy,  Law, Flower Arrangement skills, Medical Sciences, Phlebotomy and what not !
One such course which caught my eye was "Creative Writing". 

It said - This course is designed to open your own personal portal to the untapped imagery and ideas that swirl in your brain. It is a workshop to provide each student insight into the “idea” of creative writing and the practice of creative writing. 

But how does one learn creativity? Shouldn't the idea be to help unlock ideas so they can be transformed into words?

Well, I will just have to wait & see. Really curious & super-excited of what's in store.... :) 
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