January 25, 2014

A Night to Remember...

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It’s just another night, or Rhea thought so.

“Don’t try anything smart or you will get it.” - The assailant said laughing at her with the knife held to her back.

“Leaving work late today was definitely a bad choice.” Rhea thought. “But then aren’t these maniacs always in hiding irrespective – of day or night. They don’t strike after warnings.”

The more she walked into the darkness, the more she feared the consequence.

With the open deodorant can in one hand and vengeance in her heart, Rhea turned swiftly and fogged the goon.

And then she had the last laugh.
- A piece of fiction written for Write Tribe's Saturday prompt 2014 - 4

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  1. Ohh that ought to have disoriented him!

  2. Brave Rhea! One must be 'armed' for any emergencies.

  3. It's thrilling and scary but very brave of Rhea. Crisply written:)