March 31, 2012

March Photo A Day 31 - "Where you relax"

My favorite relaxing spot is on my side of the bed or on the couch. :)

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March 30, 2012

Foto Fridays - Week 11

One of the best weekends of my US term so far. Celebrating Mr. Cool's birthday in soccer style ! ;)

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March Photo A Day 30 - "Toy"

Want to make me happy ? Get me a soft toy :-D

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March 29, 2012

March Photo A Day 29 - "Feet"

Happy Feet .... :)

A snap with all my dancing gals, taken in October 2010, at Goa.

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March 28, 2012

March 27, 2012

March Photo A Day 27 - "Your Name"

"What's in a name?" said Shakespeare.

"A lot !!!" said me. :-D

- Have you ever voiced out your like/dislike for your own name ?
- Does having a "good" name impress everybody ?
- What is the definition of a "good" or "bad" name ? 

- Do you also have two names - "official" and "nickname" ? :)
- Given a chance today, would you change your name for something else ? 

It equally scares and excites me on how a name, bestowed by your loved ones, can go on to define your individuality. To tell the truth, I never liked my name, as a child. It is a South-Indian 
Iyer household tradition to pass on the paternal grandparents names to the grandchild of each gender. And so, I inherited my paternal grand-mom's name - 'G' and my baby bro inherited our paternal grand-dad's name - 'S'.
Back in the '90s, my opinion was that all my friends had the "good" names while I was stuck with an old-fashioned one. Though there was a nickname too, it was not to be used for official records. The nickname was used only in front of family members and at home.Even today, this interesting thought fails to settle as to why, unlike me, none of my other 4 cousin sisters and 2 cousin brothers used their inherited names for school or college records. For them, the inherited name was always sidelined by their respective nicknames. Their nicknames were official.

As time flew, my name settled into my life. When I look back, it was silly to be wary of a name. But now, it feels great to be a 'G'. :)

I read the book and watched the movie - 'Namesake' last week. It was surprising to note how the young "Gogol" never connected to his name. His name disturbed him for the most part of his life. He failed to understand the emotions of his father; he failed to realize the importance behind his name. 

Every parent should explain to their children - the reason their name was chosen. Not to justify the name in itself but to help realize the feelings behind it. 

"Better to see the face than to hear the name." - An unknown source.
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March 26, 2012

March Photo A Day 26 - "Key"

Keys to both cars, a local grocery store coupon, the house key and my suitcase key (lazy to pull it out and store it separately ;p) make up for my key bunch...

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March 25, 2012

March Photo A Day 25 - "Breakfast"

I am not fussy when it comes to breakfast. Give me a bowl full of Kellogg's corn flakes or a cup of Quaker Oats with milk, and I will be happy. :)

Kellogg's made an entry into my kid bro's and my life during early school days. The best part about it is - tasty, simple, quick, healthy and very sumptous. Coming from a South-Indian household means early morning kaapi (coffee), with dosa/idli along with sambhar/chutney and the likes for a fulfilling breakfast. I love eating South-Indian breakfast but it can never become a regular routine on my schedule. 

Both LP and I have had varying breakfast habits in Middle East, Europe, Japan and Singapore. Having trained ourselves to acclimatize to changing environments, we prefer a healthy combination in our breakfasts. So it has to be an English breakfast on most weekdays which reserves the South-Indian/North-Indian breakfasts for weekends and holidays. :)

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March 24, 2012

March Photo A Day 24 - "An Animal"

She's a sweetheart ...
She is black and white ...
She's loves to purr and rest on my lap ... 
She's "Catty" :)

I love cats. People, who know me really well, can't forget to notice my squeakiness and excitement on seeing a cat. Let it be on the roadside, at the office campus or at somebody's home - when I spot one, I have to exclaim - "Meow"! And this is Catty, a regular visitor at Mr. Cool's residence.

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March 23, 2012

March Photo A Day 23 - "Moon" / Foto Fridays - Week 10

I am not very good at taking "moon" pictures. My hand always shakes while clicking the snap, the focus is not good enough and yet I managed to pull out this old picture of the moon.

LP and I were sent from Mumbai to conduct a recruitment drive at the local branch.This was taken in New Delhi 2010, outside the Rashtrapati Bhavan. 

We love this trip as it turned out to a quick weekend getaway from work and a refreshing holiday ! :)

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March 22, 2012

March Photo A Day 22 - "Kitchen Sink"

Let me tell you frankly. This is not how my kitchen sink looks every night. :)

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March 21, 2012

March Photo A Day 21 - "Delicious"

Pani puri is a mouth-watering specialty of Mumbai. And when you have not eaten it for a whole year and finally get to eat some, it feels heavenly :p

A month ago, I had prepared this delicacy at home and it turned out to be yummyliciously "delicious"! :)

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March 20, 2012

March Photo A Day 20 - "Before/After"

Experimented a lot with different headers, colors, fonts, sizes, looks and photos. 
And I finally settled on the below. What do you think ? :)
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March 19, 2012

March Photo A Day 19 - "Funny"

Two words - "Oceans' 16". :)

It takes 16 individuals and almost 7 years of friendship to create countless funny moments. When we meet, there is not a single moment of boredom. Even I have lost count of my favorite hilarious moments with this gang. I will save the details of the 16 patrons for another post :) But here are 3 instances with my favorite moments. The last time, 13 of the 16 members posed for a snap - 27th December 2008. :)

My favorite snap of my wedding album taken after the rituals. 
What I like about this snap is, while the gang was busy talking and looking at my mehendi-colored hands, Oceans' 16 member - HK (3rd head from right) , happily gazes at the photographer and poses for the perfect capture. We can be a group of talkative, calm, noisy, weird, unique, crazy all at the same time. :) 

This snap was taken in the evening reception. Out of all the wedding gifts I received, my gang got me the most precious one - a "Japanese" fan. :) 
Reason - LP was stationed in Japan for the past year then and it was much of a leg-pulling topic for my comrades :)      

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March 18, 2012

March Photo A Day 18 - "A Corner of your Home"

Peaceful, divine, favourite, important - are some of the words which describe this corner of my home :)

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March 17, 2012

March Photo A Day 17 - "Green"

Two words that comes to my mind when I think of the colour 'green' is Mother Nature.

And what best example to portray it other than my native and God's Own Country - Kerala. :)

Greenery surrounds all around our home and the air smells like scented flowers.
Of course, there is more to the place than just greenery. :)

Our mini-garden -

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March 16, 2012

March Photo A Day 16 - "Sunglasses" / Foto Fridays - Week 9

*** It's ironical how I forget to wear my sunglasses, while going out, and how I remember exactly where it is kept while at home. :)
*** It's funny how the sun is extremely hot while driving without the shades, and how it pours cats and dogs once out of the car. :)
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March 15, 2012

March Photo A Day 15 - "Car"

Our first car - Hyundai, Santa Fe. This prized possession is 9 months old now.

Back in my childhood, my dad drove me to tuition classes and dance classes in a white Toyota Corolla.

But the experience of owning your own and driving to work is bliss ! ;)

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March 14, 2012

March Photo A Day 14 - "Clouds"

The clouds are back again, the sun is shining bright, the clocks have gone ahead by an hour and the winter coats have gone inside for a long hibernation.

</ br="">Look guys, summer is here. :)

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March 13, 2012

March Photo A Day 13 - "A Sign"

Wish there was a similar "STOP AHEAD" sign in life as well.
In today's fast-paced world, a stop is necessary at intervals to look around and notice the things around us which we miss or overlook while speeding away. What do you think? :)

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March 12, 2012

March Photo A Day 12 - "Fork"

When it is a Chipotle buritto for dinner, the "fork" has to come out. :) Yummy!

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March 11, 2012

March Photo A Day 11 - "Someone you talked to today"

Not one, not two but I talked to 7 people and 1 child :)

A weekend ritual, the Fast friends gang planned to meet today for dinner, games and more !

Mrs. Hyper and Mr. Cool - turned up with roti, rice and their lil Mickey Mouse ;)
Mrs. Wrapper and Mr. Storekeeper - spruced a combination of a spicy Hyderabadi dish and a South-Indian dessert
Mr. Anna - was the Master-Chef of the evening and host for the evening. The added attraction was watching a spooky movie - 'The Ring' on his projector. All in all, a fun evening ! :)

The gals put together a 100-piece Spiderman puzzle
originally meant for the Mickey Mouse :-D

The grand feast

LP and I work on the tomato soup
while Mr. Cool looks on

Mickey Mouse takes his Lefty (or my LP ;-D) for a ride !
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March 10, 2012

March Photo A Day 10 - "Loud"

Who is loud?
Our home heater, that's who! :P

When you turn it on, it feels like someone left an airplane engine running. :-D
On the other hand, it keeps our home warm and cosy.
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March 9, 2012

March Photo A Day 9 - "Red" / Foto Fridays - Week 8

I love "Red". It is bright, vibrant, strong and totally out there.

If the theme had been "pink", I would probably run out-of-space. :P
Take a look at the current reds in my wardrobe. 

My format shirt - Violet in dark red background, a casual red "Guess" top, an Indian wear - green kameez and red salwar and my red towel behind it.

Accessories are not far behind - Red garter, red earrings, red bangles, stone bangles with red infused and last but not the least, plum shade lipstick, red wine nail polish and a red lip-liner. :)
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March 8, 2012

March Photo A Day 8 - "Window"

When I wished for winter, out came the sun. When I wished for snow, down came the rain. :)

There are 7 windows in our apartment. But I would call the first 2 as the "weather windows".

Every morning, as I sit up on my bed catching my first glimpse of the day or walk up to the main hall with sleepy eyes, hoping to see a snowy neighbourhood, either it's bright sunshine or a gloomy wet day waiting to greet me. But, hey I am not complaining ! :)
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March 7, 2012

March Photo A Day 7 - "Something you wore"

I love accessories. Not too much, not too less. :)

Here's what I wore to office today. My official watch, heart shaped earrings, a wooden bangle, and a couple of rings. :)
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March 6, 2012

March Photo A Day 6 - "5 PM"

Venue : Statue of Liberty, New York
Date : Christmas Day, 25th December 2011
Time : 5 PM :)

We almost missed watching this attraction till we took the cruise in the evening.

No matter if it pours cats and dogs or it snows or it is blazing hot, the statue always stands tall and relentless.
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March 5, 2012

March Photo A Day 5 - "Smile"

"Our Precious Pearly Whites".
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March 4, 2012

March Photo A Day 4 - "Bedside"

Books, Water, Kindle and Mobile :)
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March 3, 2012

March Photo A Day 3 - "Your Neighbourhood"

We moved to this 'quiet' neighbourhood 9 months ago. It's massive in area, green during summers and there are scores of other tenants too.

I captured this picture of the water fountain during last summer because I like the greenery all around. And I love the other snap too which is the road which leads around the neighbourhood.
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March 2, 2012

March Photo A Day 2 - "Fruit" / Foto Fridays - Week 7

'A' for Apples and 'B' for Bananas. :)

I get to see many kinds of fruits in the local Walmart and yet find myself picking up my usual pick always. Not a crazy fan of fruit in salads or sweets or any other food for that case, I like my "Fruit" separately. :)
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March 1, 2012

March Photo A Day 1 - "Up"

Love is "UP" in the air. :) This is LP and me on our wedding reception night.

This photo hangs in the drawing room and can be seen from any corner of the hall. Whenever I am on the couch - like curling up watching a movie or lazing around on weekends sipping a hot cup of tea or typing ferociously on my laptop.... I always gaze "UP" to this moment and lose myself in the past ! :)

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