May 31, 2012

Don't Worry, Be Happy...

.... goes the age-old saying.

But how do you stay work-happy ?
Don't we reach a stage in our professional careers where nothing in our job excites us anymore and we tire doing the same routine everyday?

Well, there's a solution for that as well :) 

I stumbled upon this article today and absolutely loved it. How to be Happier at Work !

It talks about how we can improve our happiness quotient at work. How we can remain excited about our job without having to work 24 hrs a day. How we can still find time for all those interests lagging behind in our mind but never coming into action.

Here's my wishlist -
1) I want to write a book someday
2) I want to open my own classical dance institution
3) I want to learn singing
4) I want to catch up on painting and what not... The list seems endless.

In terms of achieving my wishlist, where have I reached? Nowhere.

This article points just that. It goes to say that - Finding time to work on other interests/hobbies, after office hours, hones our skill and increases our happiness. Keeping the enthusiasm helps to remain focused and happy at work too. And it doesn't necessarily have to be an area which will yield monetary benefits. It is just for your happiness.

I experienced this feeling last year when, six of us planned to perform at the organizational cultural meet in December 2011. After the initial hiccups of getting everyone and everything on track, the group spent the first half of the day happily, eagerly waiting and excited to meet in the evenings to dance away the tensions. I remember, keeping vigil on the clock to strike 5 PM and then rush to the practice venue to dance until all of us crashed. It was stress-relieving, exercising and lots and lots of FUN !

I hope to continue on this habit to keep myself work-happy ! :)

What about you ?
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May 29, 2012

Swamped ...

... with work, that is. It's been over a month and a half, and I still can't find the time to blog :(

Take a look at some of the developments around me -

1) All of a sudden, work increased ten-fold and deadlines cropped up from everywhere. Still on with the same pace, it just refuses to simmer down. As my friend, A, rightly said - "Work is a necessary evil" ;)

2) I need to complete 3 projects in parallel having the same priority which is HIGH, HIGH and VERY HIGH !

3) A family wedding is in the offing by the end of this year. So a trip to India is on the cards. :))

4) LP relocated to Green Bay, Wisconsin for a new assignment. And yes, he's there and I'm here. :((

5) After all the house chores that is - cooking, washing, lazing around, reading and sleeping, I still have time left to ... WORK ! :-p

6) Weekends seem to fly by at lightning speed. I just remember the last weekend, being a long one, creeping slowly towards Friday night and it's already end of day - Tuesday :-0

7) Books lay stacked up on my nightstand waiting to be picked up and read. I had to reduce my Reading Challenge for 2012 from 20 books to 10, after looking at my monotonous life .... Sigh !

8) Plans with friends is the only thing that keeps me motivated through this busy schedule but points 5) and 6) ensure that time flies....

Here's hoping and praying that this is a temporary phase.
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