June 20, 2015

Aim for the sky always... #FridayReflections

It’s funny how the possibility of a new venture or the opportunity to step out of our comfort zone, sends us into a frenzy. The simplest doubt crops up in our minds and we get bogged down with the same old predictable questions. 

Will I succeed ? Will I make it to my destination without getting disappointed ? What if things don't go as planned ? 

What if I fail ?

Even before we get a feel of the journey, let alone success, we fear the worst and finally step back. For once why can't we relax our minds, stop brainstorming on the possible negative outcomes of a situation, and focus on our aspirations ? And it doesn't even have to be revolving our work related apprehensions alone. Even in relationships we find ourselves confused with the same worries.

I am no different from the others when it comes to fearing about failure. But I also know what I would attempt to do if I was guaranteed never to fail.

1. Be more friendly

Thanks to life experiences, when it comes to friendships or building new relationships, there always a realm of caution in my mind. Because let’s face it. People let us down. Sometimes it’s the people who matter the most to us, on the other occasions it’s the unexpected ones who turn out to be the smarter lot. 

If I knew I wouldn't get hurt or be let down by others in return, I could get to be myself. I wouldn't have to worry about others hating me or turning me down.

2. Be more courageous

So that I could take more risks. To dream bigger. To perform difficult feats like sky-diving. Or bungee-jumping. Take every day as it comes. Literally.

3. Be more imaginative

Many a times, our lives are controlled by our own shortcomings. Financial support, incomplete or inadequate education, mortgages on everything in life - home, a world tour, even basic living expenses.

If only, I could erase all my worries by a single stroke of a wand to actually imagine my life devoid of any limitations. To perceive the life that I want, that I wish to live. If only…

But what we truly need to acknowledge here is that failure isn't bad. Maybe it’s the best way for the Universe to tell us that it was not meant to be the first time. That something larger is in store with better results. That we needed to fail in order to emerge victorious the next time.

That life is all about “second chances”. That, no matter how hard you fall down this time, you always aim for the sky :)

Tell me, what would your aspirations or goals be if you knew that you could never fail ? 

Reflections From Me

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