January 3, 2014

Are you a Rain Child or a Hot Bird ?

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Oh dark clouds! I wait by the window watching you...
Curled up in my blanket sitting on the sill...
With a hot cup of tea in my hand...
Waiting for you to thunder and pour...
To engulf this soil in its moisture...
And turn it damp and rich at once...
To drench this earth...
And give it a fresh scent...
To soak the leaves on all the trees...
And give it a new color...
Now and then, I await for a rainy day...
To reminisce those days spent back home...
To recollect those memories close to my heart...
To lose myself in my thoughts...
Oh dark clouds! I wait by the window watching you...

When it comes to cool rains or hot summers, for me it has to be cool rains. I love the rains.
But this was not the case during childhood days. Back then, I used to love summers. Why and when did this change ? Read on... :) 
My baby bro and I were brought up in the Middle East - lands with hot, humid summers and scanty rains. Our academic years used to be planned in such a way that the first term of a new school year would begin in March/April and go until June. This is when the first term exams were conducted.
Once the exams were done and dusted with, our summer vacations would start. And these vacations weren't just 2-3 weeks. They were 2 months long. Yup, 2 whole months of enjoyment and merriment. Summers meant sheer happiness. All play and no studies till the start of the second term of school.
Our schools had summer vacations in the middle of the year was so that kids could escape traveling in the school bus during those hot sweltering days. Summers are pretty brutal there during July-August months with temperatures soaring up to 50 Celsius or 122 Fahrenheit.

However, this scene changed once we moved to India for higher studies. Once there, we got to experience the true beauty of monsoons. At first, it got pretty dull to just watch the water pouring here and there. But my outlook changed.
As the years progressed. I would wait for the monsoons to appear. The things I mentioned in the short poem above, are the reasons I wait for the rains. It's not only an enjoyable time to just gaze and watch the rains sitting cozily at home but it also keeps my mind at peace.
So tell me, what are you when it comes to the weather ? A rain child or a hot bird ? :)  

Yours' truly,
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  1. I love the warm summer rain to be honest. I don't like cold weather in the slightest, and overly hot isn't that great either.

    1. Hi Kisa, welcome here. Warm summer rains are the best - they break the jinx of a hot summer and also accentuate the cool misty scent of the earth. Keeping visiting ! :)

  2. I am a hot bird :-) BTW nice post

    1. Hello, welcome here and glad you liked the post :-) Keep visiting.

  3. I am definitely a rain child. There's nothing quite like dancing in the rain. :)

    1. Hello Helena... Absolutely ! Rain dancing is just so cool :-)

  4. Hot bird...not a fan of the rain at all! I used to think it had to do with putting up with the dirt and filth in India but I find that I'm not a big fan of the rains here either. Give me summer {or preferably spring/autumn} with clear blue skies any day!

    1. Lovely ! Another favorite of mine is spring/autumn with cool breezy winds and bright blue skies :-)

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, Karanvir. So you are a total beach babe, huh? :-)

  6. I like the mid-70s with no rain! :D Great post!!!