May 28, 2011

Back after a break

Hi there, it's been a while since my last post. Ya, like it matters to you or the world if I don't write a post for a month :-p...   Ha ha .... Who cares!

Using excuses like - "I was very busy" or "There is no time left to blog with my hectic work schedule" is not going to help. Well... there are lots of things happening around so for the moment, I'm taking it all in & enjoying things as they come. Time flies for sure but I staunchly believe that not only can time fly, it can also shoot off at lightning speed making you wonder where it all went.
1. For starters, there's a change of place coming up soon. The land of dreams will now give way to a land of promise.
2. Hubby dear, M, has been away for a couple of months on a work assignment. So looking forward to seeing him soon. Spending the wedding anniversary alone sucks ! :( Not that, mom, dad & baby bro didn't cheer me up. But still celebrations with that "someone special" is always different...

BTW, today is the day.... "Happy Anniversary" hon.......   :)

3. It's a rough ride as I wrap up work on the current project because life has gone for a complete toss.

Isn't it frustrating when you are expected to clean up the mess some else did or didn't do? And such occasions become a critical criteria to judge your performance for the appraisals. So this is nice - Make the mess, leave, assign another person to clean up the mess & award/criticize based on the results !

But on the brighter side, you get to challenge yourself with new tasks & learn a lot in the deal.

4. As I start packing to re-locate to a new place, there are these 1 million errands & paperwork that need closure. So getting a lot of exercise now-a-days by running, walking, dancing around, freaking out on the countdown of remaining days, traveling, purchasing, arguing & some more freaking out. Helps burn the available calories too.

5.  One prime thing that never gets addressed a midst all this pandemonium is sitting down & talking to mom dad. You "run" all over with your pending things & they patiently help you to reduce the trauma. Just the thought of going away from them dampens my spirit & makes me wanna go - "Boo hoo"... Never realized how the past 2 months passed away in their house, in their company.

This phase will end soon, starting a new one....

Excited to the core.... !

But tearful at the thought !  
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