January 28, 2014

My anti-bucket list

I am sure we all have a wish list. Goals, dreams, wishes, things to do before we die and what not.

But has anyone made an anti-bucket list ?

I did.

A couple of days back, I decided to write down 5 things that I never want to do in life. Here they are.
  1. No adventure sports - Well, not all of the adventure sports. There are a couple of them that I don't find a point in trying out ever in my life like bungee jumping and sky-diving. To all my friends who are keen to do this and all those who have dared themselves to take the plunge (literally!), I appreciate their efforts and kudos to their bravery, but I am happy sitting on my couch sipping some hot coffee gazing out of my window and reminiscing about the good moments of life.
  2. Never travel alone by flight - Yes, that's right. Given a choice, I never want to travel alone by myself on a flight. During my adolescent and initial working years, I have traveled alone, quite a lot. Until a bad experience happened in 2009. LP and I were on this flight to Delhi which happened to be a mini-aircraft. Thanks to the heavy rains and winds in Delhi as we were preparing for landing, the flight had a sort of a free-fall sending all the passengers into a death scare. That's when a phobia entered my mind and since then whenever I travel alone by flight, I get jittery.
  3. Never be a jerk while driving - I love driving. And till now, unlike few of my friends, I haven't had the need to be a jerk on the road. And I hope to maintain that. *Fingers crossed*
  4. Never be afraid of what people think - I have been judged before by people, some who have been close to me and others not-so-close. Worse still, I let the judgments of the not-so-close people affect me. Well, not anymore. My life is what I choose it to be so if you can't deal with it then I feel bad for you. :-p
  5. Never be strong at all times - There are times when the going gets tough and I can't take it anymore. During those times, I cry. It helps me to release my built-up anxiety and makes me much more stronger .
Go ahead and tell me what are the things you never want to do in life ? :)
Yours' truly,
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  1. I have never really thought about an anti-bucket list!!! LOL...Nice food for thought... i shall make my list soon :)

    1. Thanks Gauri and welcome here :) Can't wait to read your anti-bucket list too.