January 15, 2014

My birthday gift

Source : WriteTribe.com
Great ! There it is. Looking right back at me.

I guess I just have to remain perched up here.
Time is running out. Amy would have counted to 100 already.

Of all the places to hide at home, I had to run into the woods and climb this tree.
“Your feet will grow larger. Let’s get shoes of bigger size.” Dad always says that. Won’t happen the next time.

Forget it, I am climbing down.
Wait. Where did this dog come from now? Don’t fetch the shoe. Shoo.  

Wait a minute, whose dog is that anyway?
"Noooooo ! Wait…………………”

- This is a piece of fiction written for Write Tribe's Wednesday prompt 2014 – 3
Yours' truly,
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  1. That is cute! And it puts you right there in the scene! Amazing writing!

  2. An interesting take on the prompt and a lovely story :)

  3. Cute one::)

  4. Very Cute. Thanks for sharing.

    (Stopped by from UBC - Day Jan 15, 2014)