January 5, 2014

What has your work life taught you?

If there was one question I could ask all my friends - near and far, it would be this -
"What has your work life taught you?"
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I worked as a software professional for close to 8 years at my first job. So what were the takeaways from my work life ? Read on.
  • Every day is a new learning - We never stop learning and I love this the best about my work. Words to live by at work - 'Every day brings a new experience and with it comes new learning. The day you stop learning, you cease to grow'. :) 
  • Independence - Nothing beats the feeling I get when I earn my own money. The sense of independence that comes along with it is such a huge satisfaction that can never be replaced by anything else. :)
  • Confidence - Since childhood, there was one thing I was always confident about - that I can never be "confident". That changed once I started working. I get the opportunity to speak to different clients from around the world and my job gives me the platform to garner confidence in order to deal with them successfully. :)
  • Communication - There was a time when I feared public speaking. My legs would shiver and my voice would tremble just at the thought of it. Now when I look back, it makes me realize that hosting that event at work or speaking about that presentation wasn't as bad as I thought it to be. :)
  • 'Monday Blues' is a thing of the past - When I had just started working, I dreaded the so-called 'Monday Blues'. But only with time comes experience. Hence, after a year or so of actual job experience, there was no such thing called 'Monday Blues'. :)
  • Make a new friend everyday - My job involved working with different teams and different people on a constant basis. Just what I want since I love meeting new people. It's weird but my face glistens when I get to add new contacts to my phone book. :)
  • Good memories everyday- Today, I recollect the tons of good memories that my workplace gave me right from the first day. Sure, there were some not-so-good memories too, but the good ones definitely outnumber the not-so-good ones by a vast difference.
  • Some workplace friends are forever - Just like how we have "Best Friends Forever" at school and college, even workplace friends are forever. I befriended a group of 15 good friends right from the first day of work who are there for me at all times even today. Psssst...... we call ourselves - Oceans' 16 even today. :) 
  • Work is fun too - Not only did I enjoy celebrating every festival at home, I equally enjoyed celebrating them at work. Back in India, the favorite festival to look out for was 'Diwali'. And while here in the US, I just can't get enough of Christmas and New Years. :)
Now, it's your turn.
Go on and tell me - "What is your profession and what has your work life taught you?"
You can either reply in the comments below or post on your blog.
I would love to read it. :)

Yours' truly,
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