December 31, 2013

What was 2013 like ?

One word - amazing. 2013 has been the best year on the personal front. On the blogging front, I would say - not very good.
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The start of the year was not very pleasing since LP and I were returning to US after our annual vacation in India. February and March were really busy months with work and a lot of planning on personal front.

After a 3-month hibernation, I was back on the blog in April with a comeback post. I realized that few of my long lost loves needed revival and so I made sure I had time for those interests. I also made a second attempt at NaBloPoMo (after an unsuccessful stint in November 2012) and made it successfully this time around.
In April, I celebrated the 2nd blogoversary, shared my packing experience from my last vacation, complained about the snow we received last winter, bragged about our new little Dalmatian and  thanked Anisha for the Liebster award and talked about 10 random facts about myself.
I explored my creative side with poems in 'A Rainy Day', 'Breathing Life' and a drabble - 'A Leap of Faith' and shared my photos from the April Photo-A-Day challenge (here, here and here).
I also relocated (for the nth time already) and shared about how it has always been an emotional experience for me, thought aloud about a "profession" vs. "hobby job" and bragged yet again (I think I need an intervention on that ;p) about my new Stickygram magnets.
I ran a quick retrospection about how my past equation with few friends has been.
When LP and I moved closer to New York, I shared about what I missed in my earlier city and what I look forward to in this new city. I loved it when summer was finally here. I posted about how my laptop went on a trip for a couple of days.
In May, I posted a tribute for my mom for Mothers' Day and my May Photo-A-Day challenge.
Post May, I went on a 6-month long hiatus during which I stayed away from the blog but enjoyed my life to the most with family.
The best thing happened to LP and me when we welcomed our little angel - "Baby Girl" in this interim. Life has not been the same since then. :)
I returned back to the blog with yet another comeback post and soon after with a 100 word drabble - "If Only...".
Last but not the least, I made myself a wish list which I want to continue in the coming years.
This year was quite eventful in my life and I hope the same has been the case for you too.

Before I go, I want to wish all of you a very Happy New Year 2014. See you on the other side soon. :)

Your's truly,

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