December 23, 2013

My 'comeback' post plus "something new"...

6 months and 23 days.

That's how long it's been since my last post. Gosh ! Time has flown, seasons have changed, milestones have been completed and most importantly, newer relationships have taken center-stage. 

I truly missed this space and yet I never remained totally away from it. I never could. 

Even though my writing was on a break, my reading was not. Your lovely posts and exciting stories kept me hooked like a child watching TV. Your blogs made me want to read and know more about the interesting events happening in your lives. 

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So then why did I choose to go "away" ? Well, it was a conscious decision to take a break from the surfing world (read - Facebook, Twitter and the likes) to spend more quality time with family. And I am happy I went ahead with this decision. I guess, in this fast moving world you need a break sometimes to retrospect and come back with a bang. Truly, the last few months feel like a dream now. I should say - not only was it the best break, it has also been the best time of my life so far.

And now for the "something new" part. :)

Till now, this blog has only been about me and my hubby (LP). But going forth, I want to write about another member as well who has, in the recent past, taken the spotlight of my life and that is my "Baby Girl". :) Not only does she keep me on my toes & busy as a bee but she also keeps me sane enough to find time at late nights to get back to my blogging. :) 

I don't mean to turn this into a mommy blog or anything but I still want to utilize this space to record my experiences & special moments with her so that one day, I can go back, read these posts and say - "Now that wasn't too bad." ;) Who knows maybe even share these experiences with the little one too.

Yours truly,
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  1. Congratulations. I wondered why you were missing from the interwebs. Welcome back to blogosphere...

    1. Thanks PB ! :) It feels good to be back too... Missed this place so much for the writing part ..... nevertheless couldn't stop reading your exciting experiences in this while ... :)

  2. Hey! Welcome to the new baby girl! :D

    Congratulations :)

    You've got a nice blog! Looking forward to your stories. :D

    1. Hi Ashna, thanks a lot for the wishes and for visiting :)