April 9, 2013

My first drabble - "Leap of Faith"

I have read a lot of drabbles or 55-fiction stories written by my inspiring fellow-bloggers.

Everyone's pieces have been very intriguing and creative that I never thought attempting it myself.

But I think I will give it a shot to get some constructive feedback and your thoughts. :) So here goes -

"Aisha was surprised at how she had survived that dreadful fall. But Abhishek didn’t.

Tears welled up. She remembered their promises – to stay together forever even if their love wasn’t accepted by society.

Time was short. They were searching for both of them – dead or alive. She closed her eyes and jumped from the cliff."

Do let me know what you think ? :)
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  1. Providence see their love come true. Nice write. Like it

    1. Thanks Arumugam ! Glad you liked it. :)