April 11, 2013

When I checked my mailbox today...

... I found something waiting to be picked up.

My new Stickygram magnets ! :))

Now this is not a sponsored post for Stickygram but I just wanted to brag a little. ;p

I am so happy with the overall service right from booking the product online, getting a discount and then finally waiting for them to arrive in the mail. It all happened in a blink of the eye.

The mail came with an envelope from Stickygram. Inside, it had the magnets and a thank you note. :)

And now, they proudly adorn my refrigerator. Take a look.

The magnets as they arrived in a 9 x 9 matrix
The magnets when separated
Another view
Image 1 - A quote that I once came across in a gift shop in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Image 2 - A view of Door County, Wisconsin
Image 3 - A view of Peninsula State Park in Door County, Wisconsin
Image 4 - An really old picture of me and my baby bro.
Image 4 - A view of the clouds taken in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Image 5 - Photo of a cat taken in a pet shop in Cincinnati, Ohio
Image 7 - A view of the skyline from our apartment in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Image 8 - A picture of my favourite drink - Cranberry juice :)
Image 9 - Good times with friends in Cincinnati, Ohio
 photo Signature2016_zpshf23y4i0.jpg


  1. I love those magnets! They are so neat!

    1. Hi Bobbie, welcome here ! :)

      Yes, I love them too. The best part is that you can turn any of your Instagram snap into a magnet. It's as simple as Click --> Order --> Stick ;)

  2. the pictures are beautiful GR! i love stickymagnets too :)

    Many thanks from the bottom of my heart for the liebster award. My apolofies for droping in here late.But I am indeed humbled and honoured by your gesture. Thank you so much :)

    1. Hi Maliny,

      Thanks. Glad that you liked my clicks :)

      Enjoy !

  3. hi! Hopped on over from Aparna's! Nice blog... am still reading, but loved what I read so far. the sticky magnets are so cool. I'm thinking of =getting some for me too. :)

    1. Hi Purnima,

      Welcome here ! :) Thanks for your feedback. Hope you like reading my older posts too.

      Once I received the magnets, I liked my decision to go with them in the first place. :)