April 29, 2013

I propose and my laptop disposes... :P

I decided to take the age-old proverb - "Man proposes and God disposes" to a new definition.

Just when I think everything is planned out, my laptop decides to throw in a monkey wrench to throw me off-schedule.

On April 26th, PB from Over Cups of Coffee blogged on how her blog almost broke. A day later my laptop thought of giving me a similar scare. :P

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It all started when I searched online for an episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. which I didn't have. Being the true fanatic, in order to just view the sitcom, I didn't think much of the warnings that popped-up from time-to-time on my screen. When I tracked down the episode, I get a message - "To view this video, you need a higher version of Flash to be installed."

I clicked - "Install" and that was the last time I saw my laptop respond to my commands. After that, the rest of the day was spent restarting the laptop, deleting or uninstalling unwanted programs from the hard disk, not to forget - simultaneous backing up of my data which I had not cared to copy onto my external hard disk.

Now, my laptop has been crying for a clean format and servicing since God-knows-how-long so this was the breaking point. I was crippled for the rest of the day and for 2 complete days after that. I complained about the incident to LP who patiently said - "Don't worry, I will come home and fix it tomorrow".

But how could I now worry ? :( It was the last week of NaBloPoMo and I wanted to complete my posts . Sigh ! I decided to stop sulking and forget about the whole issue totally.

The LP came home the next day but didn't find time to fix the thing till today. When he tried inspecting it the first time, he gave up since the damn thing just wouldn't respond to anything once it started. Next, he called the customer care service for my laptop brand. What was shocking about this call was that after 15 mins of sharing information with the representative, the lady on the phone said - "We can fix the problem for you for a small cost. And that will be 199 USD." LP's jaw dropped at that very instant and he hung up thanking for the brief services provided.

Now, he was determined to fix the laptop at any cost. In about half hour, he searched for solutions online and completed a full system repair which took care of all malicious softwares and also cleaned up the unwanted things. I still didn't want to jump over the moon before thoroughly testing the fix. So I waited for another couple of hours, tried and tested the laptop in every possible way, verified that all my files were still available and then I finally admitted - "The laptop was fixed." :-) Yippee ! So back to my blog now to fill-in for the missed posts.

So, tell me, isn't it like a mini heart-attack to discover you can't get back to your blog for a certain period of time ?

Worse still, when you don't know how to fix the problem ?
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