April 4, 2013

Snow snow go away...

"Snow snow go away.....
Don't come back another day... :)
This girl has only this say... 
Snow snow go away... "

No, I am not creating new nursery rhymes. I am plain happy that winter is now almost out of the window and gone... And I can't wait for summer to start already...

Why ? Because this winter has been an exception from the last one. During the winter of 2011, there was not much snow, chilly winds were much lesser and our cars never got all covered up.

Come winter 2012 and the scene changed. Just look at the pictures I got to capture this time -

Personally, I like autumn / winter more than summer. I enjoy the experience of coziness and warmth in the chilly weather but this year I decided to prefer otherwise thanks to all the extra snow we received. This year has been so much of snow that I want a break now. I want the sun out and about for a while.

Few days ago, the sun came out all bright and shining which caused all of the snow to disappear.

Can't wait for warmer weather already !

So, what kind of weather do you prefer ? Summer or Winter ?

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