January 17, 2013

It's still not late...

to wish you - "A Happy New Year" ! :-P Here's hoping you and your family had an awesome start to the year and continue to have fun for the rest of the year...

Ok.. ok... I know it's too late but I had no choice. There was this whirlwind vacation last month which went off pretty well. In fact, it went off so well that I kinda got tired of the hectic traveling towards the end of it and came down with a sore throat and cold. Though it wasn't all that bad back in India, once I set foot in the US, the chilly weather out here made sure I needed a stronger relapse of the sickness topped with jetlag. :)

And that's how the first week of the year kept me busy. Not to forget the piled up work which was awaiting my return. Finally after 15-odd days, I am now fine and raring to go ... *Touchwood* !

So what can you expect to read in my upcoming posts ? Lots & lots of things that I have been dying to blog about ever since my vacation started.

But before I end this post, I wanted to wish my LP once again who celebrated his birthday a couple of days ago.


Celebrating your special day last year was a huge accomplishment for me. I had an out-of-the-world time planning it for you and even more, jotting my thoughts here on the experience (For those of you who didn't visit my blog then, you can find the post here).

On the other hand, this year was a huge damper and I hope it never turns out like this in the future. Having loved ones and friends by your side is a huge necessity for birthdays. After all, it is one special day out of the entire year. :) 
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