April 8, 2013

A rainy day...

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It was a day to remember,
It was a time to feel...
When we first met & saw each other,
Together our hearts were meant to seal.

One monsoon afternoon in August,
She walked into the fair...
Along with a coy smile, blue angelic eyes,
Luscious lips & rich hair...

She approached my stall,
To glance at my books...
While I stood gaping sheepishly,
At her radiance & looks.

When she finally saw my face,
And landed her eyes over mine...
I stood speechless & scared,
Too nervous to even tell her - "I'm fine".

She immediately saw into my mind,
And sensed my looming fear...
I felt like a sinking ship,
Unable to sail & unable to steer.

As the evening grew dark,
The rain fell strong & hard...
Her friends called her to return,
And she stepped back a yard.

She needed to leave,
And I wanted her to stay...
But who was I to stop her,
This sparkling sunshine ray.

Just before she left,
She dropped her silk stole...
She only glanced at my blank face,
But for me, it made a deep heart hole.

I treasured her stole,
All these years, all this time...
I still wonder if she remembers me,
As the guy who looked like a mime.

Today's rain looks a lot similar,
It took me back to that day...
When I wished to tell I love her,
When I wished to not let her go away...

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jahid and welcome here. :)

  2. Nice composition. Like the play of words. Like this line most, '... but who was I to stop her/this sparkling sunshine ray.'

  3. This is magical...leaves a beautiful nostalgic feeling after reading...Beautifully rhymed poem!

    1. Thanks Sri Valli and welcome here ! :)

      Glad you liked the poem.