April 16, 2013

Moving is an emotional experience...

If a genie ever appeared in front of you and granted you 3 wishes, what would you ask ? All of world's riches, world peace, expensive clothes/accessories or something else ?

I know for sure how exactly I would spend 1 of those 3 wishes. I would ask him to build me a house which could be transported every time I need to move from place to place (be it locally or internationally).

Why so ? Because moving in and out of apartments/hotels is taking a toll on me. More than a physical strain it's turning out to be an emotional journey of sorts. I have always considered myself lucky enough to be adjustable and adaptable to relocations as long as there aren't any major concerns with the move or the apartment.

But I also have a weakness. :( Every time we move to a new place, I get attached to the place. It doesn't matter if I stayed there for a year or 1 month. At a bare minimum, the place only needs to be cozy, homely, peaceful and I go about building my own world in it. And this is what I hate. As easy as it may sound to get adjusted to a changing environments, it has been equally depressing to detach myself from the place.

This also stems from the fact that I hate change. I know, I know - "Change is the only constant thing in this world." But I fail to acknowledge this truth. I like things the way they are. Sounds stupid, right ? That's how I have been since childhood and this weakness of mine has made me realise it the hard way so far.

So, have you had the need to relocate frequently ever before ? If so, are you the "attached" or "detached" type when it comes to moving ?
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