May 20, 2013

From your daughter...

You never gave up and never said a word,
Through all life's troubles and whole lot of pain.
Now it seems selfish every time for me to cry and wince,
Because you always ache and never let go my wails in vain.

Ever since you gave birth and held me in your arms,
My whole world seems secure and safe.
I feel thankful to God who gifted you to me,
I feel thankful to my destiny that I wasn't a waif.

I am what I am today just because of you,
With what you taught, enriched and shared.
It's been a new learning experience for me every moment,
Every time I turned to you whenever I erred.

I despise those who failed to understand you,
Those who failed to trust your advice and feelings.
It's their sheer bad luck and misfortune,
That they are now suffering in their own dealings.

There's no better expression, there's no other way,
To cherish what you sacrificed and appreciate what you gave.
You have gracefully sailed through the toughest times,
 By being calm, righteous and brave.

I live in fear now awaiting that day, 
When two little hands will look up to me.
Can I ever in this life be like you - patient, caring and kind ? 
Can I ever make you proud and fill you with glee ?

I pray to Him and will always wish, 
To shower you with happiness and blessings than any other.
If I got to make just one wish today,
I would always ask to have you as my "mother".

Note: ‘I am writing a Tribute to Mom in association with
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  1. Wow..this was a beautiful tribute and very touching too!