April 1, 2013

Just one post till now ???

I am not happy 'cause this is not looking good... 3 months have whizzed by and I just managed to write one post ???

Looks like it's time for some "taking charge" to do. Especially since this space will be 2 years old tomorrow. (Yippee !!! )

Unlike 2012, this year definitely started on a good note for both LP and me. Although I feel like the past 90 days have gone by so fast that I lost track of my blog. And things may not slow for some more time. Apart from work and home, there are many more things added onto my plate which will ensure 2013 isn't going to be like any other year. But more on that later. 

So do I look forward to this year ? Absolutely. This year I focus back on some of my lost loves ;) like dance, writing, cooking and....... let me hold on to the rest. There should be some surprises in life right ? ;)

It's finally time to stop, take a breather and refocus on priorities. :) 

Before I go, let me assure all my inspiring blogger friends, that though I have been away on my blog, I have always read all "your" posts. That occasional read in the midst of my crazy work schedule was necessary to keep me going. :) 
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  1. Take your time girl :)
    Let this year be great for you. To pursuing dreams!

    1. Hey Anisha,

      Thanks for the kind words ! :) I sure am planning to pursue some long lost dreams.