April 6, 2013

Our lil Miss. Cookie

Few weeks ago, I watched the movie - '101 Dalmatians'. The cute movie about a couple, their even-more-adorable dogs and puppies not to forget the vamp - Cruella.

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I had watched this movie a lot of times earlier too but somehow I liked watching it even more this time.

People who know me can speak about how crazy I get when I see cats or kittens. Add cute, adorable, innocent puppies to that list and off goes my attention. :)

So when LP and I made our visit to India in December 2012, our first stop was my parents home. I couldn't wait to reach home. Since it was a really early morning flight arrival, we requested my parents and baby bro to not bother coming to the airport to pick us up. This was also our chance to barge in like gate-crashers to surprise them.

Once we reached home, we sneaked all our luggage without making a noise through the corridor outside our apartment. Then we rang the bell continuously and so hard that the neighbors would have actually misunderstood us to be thieves :)

My father opened the door and welcomed us. Mom came out next from the bedroom and hugged us. Then it was my baby bro's chance to step out. And finally just when we thought we have met everyone, there was an additional entry. And this is how she greeted us -

This is our little Miss. Cookie. :) She came prancing around like a cub right behind my baby bro while we stood there with a surprised look on our faces. Cookie got acquainted with us within a minute and off she went licking our legs and pulling our bags.

So she's a new addition in my family back home and it's fun to see my parents and baby bro cater to her whims-and-fancies. :)

As kids, we had love birds as pets earlier but somewhere deep down, my bro and I always wanted a pet like a cat or dog. And even if it was so later in life that we got one, we are so happy with the way Cookie has entered our household. She has grown bigger over the past couple of months. I don't have a recent pic and hence leaving you with this pic where my mom is holding her while she poses for the camera ;)

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  1. I had a dalmatian they are wonderful dogs but can definitely be a handful and your world will never be dog hair free again.

    1. Welcome here Jasmine ! :)

      Yes, totally agree with you that even 1 can be a handful. :)

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