November 29, 2012

New blog finds from 2012

For a change, I decided to write on the NaBloPoMo prompt for today. For details on the daily prompts, click here.

The writing prompt for today says - "Tell us about three new blogs you found this year".

Well... there have been many new blogs that I found this year. I feel inspired when I see so many talented writers use their writing skills to portray experiences and more importantly keep their readers engaged.

If I had to list 3 of my umpteen new finds, they would be -
  1. Life etc. - It's a beautiful lifestyle and photography blog by Magali Vaz. She reviews brands, fashion, games, books and what not. What I like best about this blog is the simple yet elite look of the site. The posts are beyond awesome and I love reading her. :) Highly recommend it.
  2. Occasional Musings and Ramblings - I recently discovered this blog and I am impressed. The author, called "Brahmin in Boston", is a soon mom-to-be Gemini girl. She blogs about her experiences of life - good or bad. She also reads non-stop which is another huge like from me. What I like about her and her blog is that she has a fighter spirit towards life which inspires me. "If all's not well, then it probably isn't quite the end".
  3. Palakkad Chamayal - I decided to opt for a cooking blog as my third fetch. This blog is the best when it comes to preparing traditional South-Indian recipes or famous North-Indian cuisine. The author - Kaveri Venkatesh is a mother of 2 lovely kids and has a sweet yet simple blog design. Her recipes remind me of my mother's way of cooking - which is straight-forward and easy to implement. If you are a total foodie like me, go check out this blog.
I shall be happy to know your latest finds of new blogs from this year. :)
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