November 9, 2012

A "Perfect" Day...

Don't you just love it when the day whizzes by in the most "perfect" manner ever ? **battling eyelashes**

Today was one such day. :)

LP is in town for few days and I'm on top of the world ! Work is also demanding at the moment but I am enjoying it as I prepare for a new role, get to read and ramp up my technical knowledge and who doesn't like learning new stuff... Touchwood !

If you had seen my earlier post, I had mentioned there were quite a lot of developments happening around the relocation. Well, now things are definitely falling into place.

For starters, the apartment formalities are done and dusted. Thank God !

Next, the movers delivered our luggage (stored at their location for close to 3 weeks) over to the apartment today. The couches, bed, coffee tables and all my stuff is finally arranged. The kitchen is yet to be setup but that's an ongoing activity for me now.

The first thing LP and I always take care during a relocation is to get registered with the local primary physicians. If we had an emergency health situation or need immediate attention, it is highly recommended to have a local doctor treat you who is aware of your medical history and background. Another item off the checklist. :)

The last few weeks have been so tiring physically with all the moving out and moving in of apartments. So we decided to spend some quality time at a good restaurant in the evening. An enjoyable evening with good food and a round of Barnes and Nobles booksellers makes me a "happy" girl. :)

Now, it's time for a good movie and then beauty sleep for a brand, new day.

So tell me, how has your Friday been ?
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