November 4, 2012

Looking forward...

The weekend is over and "Monday Blues" are setting in. But there's more to the week than just office and work.

For starters, a major chunk of work has been taken care of and that is the "apartment". Finally moved to an apartment with the immediate household stuff. Believe me, lifting up and heaving heavily on heavy bags without anyone to help is not so much fun.

But on the other hand, setting up a new home has always been exciting and I hope this one remains as exciting as the other homes. :)

LP would be here mid-week. Can't wait to get to the end of 3 working days already....

The luggage in the storage should arrive before the end of this week. It was easy to eat out but now I crave for home-made food. I had major plans to cook dinner today. What I hadn't anticipated is my lousy last-moment packing. My kitchen bags had everything stocked up - right from vessels, vegetables, ingredients, ladles, spoons... and what not....

As I got ready to make the curry, I searched for the knife... But couldn't find it. That's coz I forgot to pack it in my kitchen bags and shipped it with the other bigger luggage.

But I managed to make some quick lentil soup which saved me. Even the  little things make a huge difference. Lesson learnt. :)

A major release at work is right around the corner and I may have to work next weekend. :( Hoping that plans change at the last moment and I don't get called in at all. :)

So tell me, what's your week looking like ?

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