November 28, 2012

What's on your wish list ?

There's this white board in one of our office hallways which is openly accessible to the passing crowd.

Every week, somebody posts a question at the top of the board. You also have a marker and duster provided beside the question. Any passer-by who wants to comment just picks up the marker and writes down his/her answer.

Last week, the question was - "What's on your DVD rack ?" I saw so many different answers on the board ranging from famous sitcoms to popular movies and documentaries.

This week, the question is - "What's on your wish list ?" Before the end of this week, I will post my reply on the board too, but I saw 1 response on the board which touched my mind today.

It read - "Get my 2 boys back home". :(

Tell me, what's on your wishlist ?
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    1. Thanks for sharing this link, Rishi ! I loved it.

      Loved this sentence the best - "Life is brief and tender."

      Would love to know from my readers what's does the end of this line mean to them ? "Before I die I want to ..." More in another post. :)