December 7, 2012

Holiday Season 2012

Isn't it heartwarming when holidays are just around the corner ?

The anticipation of spending good times with family and friends... The excitement of forgetting oneselves... Indulgence in total happiness are only the beginning.

My heart races through each passing day wishing time would fly by so that it gets to engage in what it wants. This holiday season is eagerly awaited upon. The silence of long days reckons to be filled with care, love and attention. How I wish these memories could stay forever...

As the holidays approach, I get to see signs of the festival time everywhere. Take a look below -

Creativity at its best. Check out the different earrings themes for the holidays.

I liked this the best. The smiling snowman is a cute sight !

Another favourite is the snow crystals studded with a diamond.

Evergreen conifer trees lined up waiting to picked for Christmas ! :)

If you had to share 1 favourite thing of your holidays, what would it be ? 
 photo Signature2016_zpshf23y4i0.jpg


  1. I totally agree with you...Holidays are so much fun..
    and hey nice blog...keep writing :)

    1. Welcome here manaNmind :)

      You bet... It's a child like enthusiasm when it comes to holidays. ;)

  2. I loved the snow crystal studded earrings the most ! Can I ask for it from Santa this Christmas, please ! :D Thanks for sharing the holiday tit-bits here :) Happy Holidays friend :) Take care !

    1. Welcome here Tanya ! :)

      Sure why not...
      I will definitely ask Santa to get us our favourites ;)

      Thanks for visiting and Happy holidays to you too dear !

  3. The snowman earrings are SO adorable. You're right, with the end of December so near, there's always a very festive spirit in the air, I really like it. Right from such little delights in gift shops to my favourite, the smell outside bakeries. Thanks for this wonderful reminder, I need to get out of the house now :)