November 20, 2012

Need a break...

Earlier this month, I was all excited to start this month-long activity of online blogging with NaBloPoMo, which gives me a chance to get into the habit of posting every day. Everything was as planned until my body decided to go on a "break". 

It all started few days ago when I sensed this constant uneasiness in my head even after hours of sleep. Made me wonder what I was doing wrong. I pondered over it and came up with few possible reasons.

  1. Lack of sleep - I have been sleeping well but there are days when you feel groggy and lazy even after hours of sleep.
  2. Over-strain - Work, cooking, online movies, hours of mindless surfing took a toll on my eyes.
  3. Increase of eye power - Constant glaring at the laptop both during work and at home has increased my power and my eyes tell me it's time to get them checked.
For now, it turns out to be a combination of reasons 2 and 3. My appointment with the opthamologist is next month when it will finally dawn on me whether my power is shooting up.

What this also means is, I need to take a break from my long hours of working/lazing in front of my laptop to rest my eyes. Hence the delay in getting up to speed with my daily blogging. A backfill of posts is highly required. :(

So tell me, how do you take care of your strained eyes after spending hours at the computer ?
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