November 26, 2012

Do u haves ur spells cheque ons ?

Don't worry. I know my spellings well. :)

The post title is inspired by a funny incident that happened at work today.

I lose my mind when people mispell words or use bad English.

But today I wasn't mad when this happened. I smiled, laughed, teased and kept remembering the funny moment.

My manager gave a task to four of us to review a document by end of day.

So this colleague 'A' scheduled a meeting with the business team early afternoon. Everyone discussed through the meeting agenda and 'A' kept track of the meeting notes which would go into the document. He completed filling in the details and set up a review meeting with just the four of us in the evening.

At 4 PM, when we sat together to review the end-product, this is the conversation that followed between 'A', 'M', 'R' and me :)

'A' : "So this paragraph talks about the source system that is in question."

'M' : "What's that again ?"

'R' : **Looks at a mistake** "A, you need correct the spelling. It should be 'required' not 'require'."

'A' : **Corrects the spelling** "Is the 2nd paragraph fine ? Does it need any modifications ?"

Me : **Confused after looking at the word - hirarchi** "A, you mis-spelt 'hierarchy'. It's not spelt as 'hirarchi'."

'A' : "Oops... Sorry."

Me : "Sounds like a Japanese word." :-D

'A' : "Seems like my spell-check feature is not functioning." :-/

'R' : "I think the original meaning of this sentence up ahead was different from what is typed here. I think you wanted to say - 'This approach would open a can of worms and raise a lot of questions.' It currently reads as - 'This approach will open a warm hole.' " :-D

For the next 15 minutes, our table was in total splits including 'A'. We kept hiding our heads under the table to control our laughter.

When we were finally able to compose ourselves, we continued with the review.

Me : "A - you need to correct the spelling for 'where as', 'initial', 'identify' and 'occurs'."

When we were finally able to complete the review 1 hour 15 mins later...

'M' : "Are you sure you have corrected all the words. Especially the warm hole!!!" :-D

I guess, 'A' was just having a bad day :-)
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