July 21, 2014

Zest Up Your Life

After a long day of work, we all tire up. Our bodies scream for rest from the excessive travel, our minds plead for freedom from all the brain activity and our souls look for immediate rejuvenation to escape the monotony of life. Some people prefer doing nothing after their busy day at work, while others prefer to nudge their inner selves irrespective of a hard day of work to completely destress. 

So is there a mantra to relax yourself? 
Absolutely not.

Does relaxation of body, mind and soul always need to come at an exorbitant price? 
Depends on your choice of relaxation so yes, it's true for some people.

What do I prefer to zest up my life? 
The simple things in life which are either economical or come totally free for life and in abundance.

  • The company of family and friends 
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Having my loved ones around me makes me happy. It not only relieves me of the day's worries but also reminds me - no matter who am I or what I face in life, they will always be by my side. They are there to hear me out, to talk to me, to reprimand me, to appreciate me, to tease me and to celebrate with me. :) 

  • Books

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Aren't books an individual's best friend? I recently blogged about 'My Happy Place' where I mentioned how a good book would help transporting me to another world. Add a steaming hot cup of tea/coffee and some peace and quiet; there would be my ideal definition of a complete day. :)

  • A long drive in the rains

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The monsoons make me feel alive. The non-stop pouring of water, the plush greenery of nature and the scent of the wet, moist earth puts me in a trance. I miss this awesome weather when I am not around to relish it. :)

  • A daily dose of music

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Time may heal everything but music definitely heals a weary mind. I usually prefer soulful Indian music (instrumental or vocal) to help me relax my mind. It helps to remove my fatigue and soothe my nerves. :)

  • A quiet meal
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I don't ask for a fancy meal, I don't crave for a loud surrounding. Give me a healthy homemade meal with no distractions and allow me to indulge into the moment. 

How do you like to zest up your life? :)

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  1. just reading this list already gives me comfort after a long day. :)

  2. awesome 5 :) I luv the drive in the rain too :)


  3. You just eased out my post-work blues :)