July 24, 2014

I can't live without...

We all have things that we can't live without. Don't we? I'd be surprised if you didn't. 

Really? Cross your heart? Ok, I believe you. :)

Talking about technology addiction, what makes us vulnerable enough that we can't seem to continue our existence void of certain gadgets? When did we change our old selves to fully depend on these products? We didn't have these "facilities" right from birth. We didn't spend our lives - right through childhood to adulthood - with these gadgets and yet, here we are today, looking lost and depressed if we lose our dependable partners for even a minute.

Don't worry. Not everything on this list needs to be a bad addiction. It could be a dear possession, a good habit, a special someone? :)

So let's share the 3 things that we can't live without? Ok? Done. 

I decided to write about the first 3 things that come to my mind so here goes - 

1. My iPhone - Yes, I must admit it. I am addicted. But life has been a lot easier too. Communication, news, camera, music, blogging, video recording, online reading, alarm clock and the likes. Life did exist even before the iPhone happened but with each passing day I am amazed by the product at how simple and easy it is to use for any age group. 

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2. Books - eBook or paperback, I need to have either one in my bag at all times. This year has by far been the best in terms of my reading. It's not a lot of books but even then I find myself looking for a book to read over watching mindless programs on TV or just whiling my time away. :) I've decided to continue the reading even if it's only for a few pages every single day.

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3. Sleep - I don't need to snooze all day long to feel refreshed. It takes a 6 hour sleep (at nights) and a power nap of 30 mins (on some afternoons) to keep me going during the day. With the baby around, I can't be assured of a continuous slumber but even a non-stop 3 hours interval works for me. 

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Name 3 things you can't do without. :)

Yours' truly,
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  1. I've taken a break from book reading. Read over 50 books from Jan to April. My three things would be - iPad, Music and Moisturiser.