July 11, 2014

Bye bye Orkut...

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Date : 29th Sept 2014, 11.15PM

It seemed like a usual day. The same old boring bits of information. Ms. A got married, Ms. X had been promoted….. Mr. Z went abroad for the first time while Mr. Y had his tooth extracted. Really? How exciting? Except not!

I stared at the wall of my Facebook account running over the screen, in a bid to challenge myself to find something that captures my attention.

Until there it was. Something unusual…...something different……. A school friend had posted this status –

“Logged onto Orkut today to backup my photos. 
Brought back some old memories. How sad ! L

The word “Orkut” probably rang a bell in my head after God-knows-how-long. But I didn’t bother to find out why my friend was on Orkut ; or why she needed to backup her photos. I glanced at the status for a minute longer. With a blank face, I looked at the clock and decided to call it a day.


I heard the phone ring thrice. After the third time, I picked up the receiver.

Me: Hello?

Caller: Hi!

Me: Hello?? Who’s speaking?

Caller: Guess who?

Me: I don’t seem to have heard your voice before.

Caller: I’ll give you a clue. I was your first friend on the social network.

Me: Nope, I still can’t make it out. Who is this?

Caller: *in a disappointed tone* I didn’t think you would give up so easily….. It’s me. Orkut.

Me: Orkut?.... O Hiiiii! Long time….. How’ve you been?

Orkut: Not very good lately. How about you?

Me: Great! Never been better…. So…. What’s up?

Orkut: *with a lump in throat* Nothing much. The same old routine you know. Getting ignored, waiting for people to stop by and say hi maybe…… Not anymore. I am just waiting to die tomorrow.

Me: What? What do you mean - you are dying tomorrow?

Orkut: Don’t tell me you haven’t heard. Google is shutting me down tomorrow. *lets out a wail*

Me: Ohhh! So that’s why my school friend was on Orkut to backup her photos.

Orkut: Huh!?! Listen… I don’t have all the time in the world today. I’ve got to go. I just wanted to connect with my users one last time….. Thought people would feel nice and tell me how much they’re going to miss me… I guess I was wrong………

*crying and sniffing* Up until few years ago, I was all that people had to talk about – interacting with long lost friends, scraps, photo sharing, friend requests – I started it all. But …. Ever since my contemporaries have arrived, everyone has forgotten me. It’s like I had so much to offer but no one wants it anymore.

It breaks my heart knowing I won’t be around you folks from tomorrow.

Me: Maybe there’s something that I can do to help you?

Orkut: *After a long pause* Maybe you could write to Google to say how much you’ll miss me once I’m gone….. It’s too late… I need to go.

Me: Wait!!!….. Don’t go. I’ll …. I’ll miss you.

Orkut: It’s too late… I can’t stay any longer… bye…

Me: Wait, wait, don’t go yet…. I need to speak to you………… WAAAAAAIIIIIITTTTTTT!!!!

I woke up with a jolt and found myself awake on my bed. One turn to the side table calendar and the date – 30th Sept flashed on my face. After a quick fresh up I logged on to the internet and read the news. Yes, I had been dreaming but whatever happened in the dream was all true. I logged on to my Orkut account while striving hard to remember the last time I had been there.

I clicked open my photo albums. There it was. Some long lost pages of my life. A sudden gush of guilt swamped my own body and I couldn’t stop the tears that emerged from my eyes. Pics of some get-togethers with college mates, snaps of our family functions, selfies with besties, candid moments with my fiancĂ©. They stared at me while I wiped my wet face and remembered my last conversation with Orkut.

My email account popped with a new message from Orkut. It read – ‘Goodbye dear friend….’ I broke down and cried uncontrollably letting loose the flood of emotions trapped in me. Without further delay, I wiped my tears and clicked open a new email to write to Google.

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  1. Aww...what a sweet and touching post. You did do a great job of personifying Orkut...he sounded so real! We all will miss him :(

    1. Thanks Vinodini. We will miss him for sure. They say - we realize a person's worthiness only when he/she is gone. Orkut is one such personification. :)

  2. A beautiful and heart wrenching take, Eloquent Mind. You made it so real only if Orkut existed as a human being.
    Check my Orkut novella for UBC on:
    That's my WoW:


    1. Thanks V :) Already stopped by your posts too.

  3. awww poor orkut! this topic is making us all nostalgic, isnt it? good write up :)


    1. Thanks Swathi :) Yes, all of a sudden, the word Orkut emerged in all our lives and now it's making us all nostalgic.

  4. The last two lines of the conversation (y). Am not implying that the rest post is bad :p But that gave me an image of two lovers and it was overwhelming. Nice take on the prompt :)

    1. Good perspective, Anmol. Didn't we have such a relationship with Orkut where we spent so much time on it's website forgetting our normal lives? ;)