July 18, 2014

Black - Color or fashion statement?

Mystery, Evil, Fear, Negativity, Grief and what not. Think of these emotions and the first thing that pops to our minds is "Black".

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We have countless representations for the color "Black". But the ones that attract me the most are - Passion, Elegance, Power, Strength and Perspective.

Others despised the hue, but I embraced it with love. It turned out to be an unfortunate color for some, nevertheless it brought out the best in me always. Surely it's been one of my favorite colors for an obvious reason.

A wishlist in black? Don't we all have that? No matter how many times you buy yourself a party outfit in blue, brown and grey, it's the one in black that always makes you look 'a class apart'. No matter what you own in your wardrobe, everyone craves for that compulsory black jeans, black suit, black top or black scarf. 

The obsession for black doesn't stop with only clothes. I have wanted that irresistible black bag for too many years. Whichever color of shades you gift me, the collection is never complete if there's not a single pair in complete black. With such a never-ending list, don't even get me started on shoes in black.

Sigh ! The list was and will always remain endless when it comes to black. Take a look at what I eye for in black right now ?

  1. Black is "Bold- Mention a swanky new black BMW convertible and you can kiss your old car good-bye. If and when I get a car for only my sake, black will be the chosen color. On more occasions than one, my regular dream has been to step out of this suave black beauty and pose with tons of attitude to the shutterbugs. 
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  2. Black is "Lasting" - I have a fetish for rings. If a shimmering black stoned ring adorned my ring finger it would make me pose as a diva. Unique, fashionable and forever beautiful :)
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  3. Black is "Absolute" - It's a universal rule - all materials wishlists need to have one item of technology listed in them. And I am no different :P Wanna gift me something for my birthday? Get me a Macbook. Everyone has a white one so mine has to be in black.
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  4. Black is "Classic" - Black gown? No. Black suit? Maybe. What about a black Indian outfit? Yes, yes, yes a million times! Just look at that elegance. Need I say any more? :)
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  5. Black is "Killer" - What's more appealing than owning a black stallion? I don't know what comes closer to that. It would totally make me feel on top of this world. 
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Tell me, is black your favorite color too ? What's on your wishlist ? :)

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