April 19, 2015

Why Do I Write?

My dear blog,

Every time I visit you to write - it is with a purpose. On some days it is to declare my happiness. On some others it is pour a rant. Or on few other days when nothing clicks, inspiration evades me and all I can come up with is a random rambling. Whatever the reason all I do here is write. So today let me sit back and reflect on those purposes which make me want to come back here and just write.

It felt weird when I read this simple question today - “Why do you write?”. It was like one of the those times when our school science teachers asked such questions to help us understand a concept.

But why did it feel weird? 

Because I didn't have a ready answer even though I had a blog and was writing every now and then. It felt a lot easier to answer every other such basic question - 

“Why do you eat?” 

To stay alive… To satisfy my hunger… To remain healthy…

“Why do you sleep?” 

To rest my mind… To recharge my self… To feel fresh again…

And then I realized that while searching for the perfect answer (or maybe even an intellectual one :P) I had overlooked the obvious reasons standing right there in front of me.

I write because it keeps me alive... 

On a rainy day when I stare out of my window watching the rain drops fall outside I reminisce about many old memories. Moments that are etched in memory but never recorded in print. Sure, I have tons of pictures that capture my memories. But how in the world will a photo capture what my thoughts were on those days. And so I write.

When I write a poem or few random thoughts, I put down a piece of myself for future reading. It’s for me to read and treasure and also for others to read when I shall be gone.

I write because it helps me stay healthy...

Now how’s that possible? In our daily lives, when we speak, we share what we feel - happy thoughts, sad feelings, anger, pride and what not. But what about those few feelings/thoughts which are trapped in our minds. The thoughts or things we wished to say but couldn't - maybe because of wrong timing or unfavorable situations. And so I write.

To help clear my head of such non-communicated thoughts. To voice out my words. To release thoughts that have been stopping me from moving ahead.

I write because I feel fresh again...

When I write I am resting because my mind is away from all negative thoughts or everyday tensions. It is purely focused on writing which helps me divert myself even if it’s for a short while. I have been blogging for a challenge this month and it helps me concentrate on a single piece of writing everyday. 

“So whatever your reason, 
Just write. 
Write to feel good, 
write to let go 
Or even if there isn't a reason, 
Just write.”

**This post is part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.**

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  1. I always get excited when I see your posts because they are just SO good! I can relate to all you have said here, love everything about this post, and so I thank you for linking up with Friday Reflections again xx

  2. And I am glad that you write so that you can share your thoughts with others like me. #FridayReflections

  3. I guess most of the writers would be able to relate with this :)

  4. Totally agree with your views on why you write. It really is good for the soul! :)

  5. You captured the love for writing beautifully :)

  6. Just loved this one, EM. There doesn't have to be reasons to write, or sometimes there are and all those reasons may not be profound for someone else. I write because I can't otherwise. Even if I don't share my writings, I still write. It is liberating, it brings in fresh breath, it keeps me alive, it is refreshing... :)