April 16, 2015

Now or Never #AtoZChallenge

Dear EM,
Ten years ago, writing a letter to my younger self would have been hard. Not because there isn't anything fruitful to share from life experiences. But only because my advice to you would have been as expected - 

“Do not foray into unknown territories”

That goes to say pretty clearly that you need to downright refuse and run away from new experiences and stop ideating altogether.

Well, not anymore. I won’t be sharing that piece of advice with even the worst of my enemies, forget advising myself.

True, times were unpredictable back then so you needed to stick with what was tried and tested but who isn't facing unpredictability in life. Everyone goes through a rough patch in life, struggling through the thick and thin only to emerge stronger at the end of it to look back and applaud their efforts and feel proud of their achievements.

You don’t see anyone fearing from taking the leap in whichever field it is that they want to jump into.

So go on. Take a plunge and see how it goes for you. Do you fall nose down at breakneck speed or do you glide through with utmost ease ? And even if things don't go as planned, never get disheartened. After all, it is called an experience for a reason.

Remember if you don’t grab the opportunity today, sorry let me rephrase that - if you don’t grab the opportunity like right now, you are the only person who’s going to repent it 10 years from now. Maybe then you will also chance upon this letter again and repent some more.

“It’s NOW or NEVER. So feel the fear and do it anyway.”

Note : This is an open letter from the current me to a younger me (like ten years ago) on what advice I would give myself. :)

What advice would you have for a “younger” you ? 

**This post is part of the A to Z April Challenge and the Ultimate Blog Challenge.**

**My theme for the A-Z April Challenge is "26 Days of Eloquent Writing".**

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  1. So very true! Interestingly enough, my "N" post for today is sort of along the same lines - a reminder to "never say never". Definitely something I'd tell my younger self as well as myself today. :)

  2. True words :) I would advice the same to my younger self too EM :)

    Only Time Will Tell

  3. Excellent words of advice to a younger self! :) Hmm, I would say along the same lines, not sure what else at the moment! ;) <3

  4. Good advice to your younger self. What would I say ... Walk your own path not someone else's.

  5. Very true and I could not agree more! On the way to my other office, I had someone on my side who told me to to live life so that I don't regret about things that I did not do when I had the time on my hand. It's now or never :)

  6. Very true, It is now or never! My advice to younger me will be, Believe in the self and everything will be alright. :)