April 29, 2015

You... #AtoZChallenge

With my heart filled with love and anticipation, I walked over to the mailbox today hoping to see a letter from you. 

But as always there was none. Reminiscing about our old memories welled up my eyes.

You were my sunshine. My reason to live. My confidante. 

Letting you go shall always remain my biggest mistake. Unaware of whether you exist or not today, I go to bed everyday with this hope in my mind that someday you will reach me. Until then I shall spend each day of this life… waiting.

"You were truly the one meant for me…"

**This post is part of the A to Z April Challenge and the Ultimate Blog Challenge.**

**My theme for the A-Z April Challenge is "26 Days of Eloquent Writing".**

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  1. That's a harsh waiting. Why let go in the first place!

  2. this is so heart breaking :( the wait!!!

  3. The most difficult part is when you do not know whether to hold on or let go. The uncertainty in the wait is devastating.

  4. Sad for her! Nothing is more difficult and punishing that the simple act of waiting.