April 20, 2015

Quitting right now! #AtoZChallenge

Yes I am quitting! Enough is enough. There is no looking back after this. 


1. I quit junk food...

Although I have cut back on a “lot” of stuff that I previously ate as a kid or as a teenager, the lifestyle changes I made in the last 5 years have been a revelation. No soda or any other aerated drinks, no deep-fried snacks, no heavy/large meals (hello salads! :D), no white sugar (gradually moving to no sugar at all) and no processed foods (all frozen, ready-to-eat and what not!).

2. I quit being judgmental...

I accept it - I have been judgmental in the past. Haven't we all at some point or another ? It hurts both ways - being judged as well as realizing my incorrect judgement of someone else. Everyone has life struggles - some that we see and some that we don’t. It’s the ones that we don’t see that make us jump to conclusions, form an opinion and finally pass a judgement. Well, not anymore.

3. I quit procrastinating...

Even though I am on schedule with most of my goals, there always seems to be one tiny thing that lurks from the corner watching me at all times. Why ? Because it’s something I have been putting off forever. It isn't necessarily something that makes me uncomfortable and yet there it is always in the background wanting to jump forth and catch my attention. It’s time to grab all those little things that have been on my mind which need closure.

4. I quit being around people who make me unhappy...

Yes. I run away from such people even when life throws them again right back at my face. Because second chances exist for those who attempt to make a change. For the ones who revel in my misery, I strongly believe in the saying - “Once bitten twice shy”. So the next time I meet such a person - “Do we know each other?” :p

5. I quit worrying myself to death...

Easier said than done, but has to go on this list. Why do I need to worry myself over things that aren't concerned to me? Or about matters out of my control? Or about people who don’t deserve my attention? I’d rather choose to adore and treasure the love that envelopes me. I’d rather choose to appreciate what I have. I’d rather spend time feeling grateful about all that life has given me. Period.

If you could quit 5 things from your life right now, what would they be ? 

**This post is part of the A to Z April Challenge and the Ultimate Blog Challenge.**

**My theme for the A-Z April Challenge is "26 Days of Eloquent Writing".**

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  1. At first I thought you were quitting A to Z! I'm not quitting most of those things, but I'd like to cut way back. I don't worry too much though. I've quit a lot of that.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  2. I think I'd quit being a procrastinator as well but wow, I don't think I can ever completely quit junk foods. Kudos :)

  3. I chose Quit as well...but sure would like to quit worrying and procrastinating.

  4. Good job being a quitter!

    Tim Brannan, The Other Side Blog
    2015 A to Z of Vampires

  5. I would love to quit the very 5 things that you listed. Point #2 #3 #4 - not a big problem. I have cut back on those. #5 is something that I am terrible at. I worry constantly. I would love to quit that. Someday I will. #1- You quit soda since 5 years?? *applause* I will get there. Someday. :P
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  6. All those 5things listed up there are worth quitting. Well written, EM.

  7. Loved your post and those are important things to quit! Pretty much like my own list. :)