March 4, 2015

Essential is Beautiful

Thought I knew what I wanted,
It’s hard to hold a wandering mind.
A designer dress or a branded purse,
A quest for an expensive find.

The eternal search ended soon after,
At a high-end mall miles away.
With scores of stores leering at me,
How easy it is to not sway.

Shopping is the answer to everything,
I told myself with a huge grin.
With so much to choose & purchase,
Futile holding the purse strings so thin.

An expensive watch, yes that’s my pick today,
There’s still so much to shop the next time.
Stepping out with a light heart,
To the sound of a chime.

And then there it was,
A gentle touch on my hand.
A moment’s contact and then lost,
Like a fistful of sand.

I turned and looked around,
Her innocent eyes locked me in.
She stood beside with a coy smile,
Pointing to her tummy and chin.

Her tug on my hand snapped somewhere,
A place so deep in my heart.
I felt sick, a pounding in my head,
Eventually guilt played its part. 

Where I was, standing tall and happy,
On achieving nothing with a heavy splurge.
There she appeared with just a childish smile,
That punished me with a nasty scourge.

All she wanted was a simple meal,
To kill her never-ending fast.
While depression surged through me,
I learnt my lesson at the very last.

Unnecessary and not as essential,
The watch wasn’t my need.
Suddenly she became my priority,
I wanted to help & make it a deed.

Yours' truly,
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