February 2, 2015

To the "Artist"

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Hey there! Yes, you. 
We need to talk .... right now.
I could call you passionate or charismatic,
But you mean so much than that, go on - take a bow!

Through days of unrelenting hard work,
And nights of utmost dedication.
You made this journey look good in all ways,
And turned it from an interest to a vocation.

Life would have been dull,
A simple routine of ups and downs.
You transformed it with your dreams,
And made my smiles look past the frowns.

Friends mocked and made jokes on me,
But you stood strong and tall.
Looking dignified in every which way,
And ignoring their visions so small.

If what you did was easy,
This wouldn't be such a difficult feat.
You are what kept me alive.
It's all been such a treat.

Today I find happiness,
An unexplainable feeling of relief.
You were, are and will remain an "artist",
This is what keeps me away from grief.

I need no one but the pillars in my life,
Who always encouraged & never let me cave.
Call me nothing else but an artist, 
I will carry this love, this passion till the end.... till my grave.

Yours' truly,
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