March 5, 2015

Looking back at February 2015

Hello there ! Can you believe it we are in March already ? It was New Years' eve just yesterday. 

Where did the months fly off?

But that's how it feels when life keeps you busy. You don't realize the time speeding away. The same thing happens when life throws unexpected surprises at you.

February was a month of new surprises for me. And not all of them were pleasant. It made me personally appreciate the fact that no matter what, your "health" is of utmost importance. We need to care for it every single moment if we wish to spend a long life with our loved ones. Ruining our health for a bunch of people (who don't care about us) is not worth it. 

Another key learning from last month was clarity. I got to truly understand and recognize few people in my relations which helped clear my vision about them. 

Bottom line : It's better to live for those who love & care about us rather than brood over why few others are hell-bent to exhibit newer levels of detachment.

By the way, this wasn't meant to be a rant-filled post or a philosophical take on relationships. ;)

In other news, baby girl continues to amaze me with her non-stop naughtiness. She's busy learning new words every day even though they don't make sense in any language. :P

Have been burning out a lot of calories - in spite of gym workouts being temporarily replaced with dancing. 

My reading almost fell back on track when at the end of the month I again decided to go cold-turkey and pile on the targeted 2 books over to the next month. My current target for March stands at 4 books. That's a lot of reading !

The month ended on a brilliant note with yet another dance performance in New Jersey. Overall, it was a great experience.

March looks very promising - thanks to the hectic schedule lined up. Lots of dancing, running around my toddler, reading, social meetings and what not.

Pssst.... I am also contemplating on joining the A-Z April challenge next month but the mere thought of blogging everyday scares me just as easily. 

Have you blogged for the A-Z April challenge before ? 
Tell me, how was it for you ? Any tips/advice for this first-timer ? 

Living my Imperfect Life

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  1. Sounds like you had an eventful Feb! I am with you in that I can't believe how quickly time is flying by! It's crazy! Ooh and that's great re the A to Z Challenge. I'm participating too...trying to get my posts scheduled though because I know I'll struggle otherwise.

    1. Wow... Now I really look forward to the April challenge even more. :) Yes, scheduling of posts upfront does seem a lot easier than struggling on a regular basis. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Your month was fab.. Losing calories! I don't when will that happen with me? Or rather will it ever happen at all? And health is so important.. Why do we realize when we fall sick? Untill then, we only take it for granted..
    Amd A to Z challenge.. It will be my 2nd time this year. Last year even I was fretting over it but it went just fine.. And it was one thing that really boosted my writing and gave me so many wonderful bloggers.. It does get a bit handy, but then writing short posts is a good escape to it:)

    All the best for the challenge.. You ll surely be glad about it :)