March 12, 2015

Shadows of Silence

I gazed at the endless sky,
Pondered about it a while.
The evening sun had changed,
And so had the coast of the isle.

It was very long ago and forgotten,
For many it's moved into the past.
Then why is it that I dread to live,
It's a horrendous spell that one event had cast.

I hurt no one, I despised nobody,
I am just like any other girl, or so I thought.
Reality said you are a precious gem,
That every hideous man in this world sought.

He needed to have me, he wanted to grab me,
All he wanted was to tell me this.
You are nothing but an eye candy,
Now give me the right to bliss.

I hollered and ran to wherever I could,
But this vast world seemed so little.
He clenched my arms and hit me hard,
Retaliating made my bones look brittle.

While anguish and distress took me over,
I relented my fight for struggle.
My thoughts went blank although one stayed,
My mother and her affectionate snuggle.

It was over and I was too,
A moment of truth so easy to etch.
Never turning back he left forever,
Turning me into an unwanted wretch.

I never wished to come back,
That one night was enough.
But the universe thought otherwise,
And wished me a path so tough.

My voice left me forever,
A price so heavy I paid.
All I remember now are my screams that day,
Mere shadows of silence, they stayed.

Yours' truly,
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  1. So beautifully written... Physical pain still heals, but what remains within us is incurable!

    1. Thanks Gauri :) Yes, the aftermath of a crime is the worst.

  2. The extreme horror of such have captured it nicely in your words. The last verse is deeply touching.

    1. Thanks Beloo. This has by far been the hardest piece to write too. :(