March 20, 2015

30 things to smile about...

Last week, I read a post by Vidya Sury - Did I smile today and I loved it. 

A simple list that made my day! :)

Just reading her list made me smile and realize how simple things in our lives have the ability to turn rough days into an absolute delight. It reminded me of how long it had been since I had made a similar list or even smiled looking at one.

I also noticed the blog hop from Janine's post on Friday Reflections.

So decided to write about it here even though the link is closed. 

Here are 30 things that make me smile : 

1. The scent of books
2. Dancing to perfection

3. When my parents and baby bro come to the airport to receive me with a bright smile and a bear hug.... Ok this one made me smile and miss them a lot :(

4. Being in a library all day

5. Waking up early after a good night's sleep

6. Waking up before baby girl so I can enjoy the "me" time :p

7. Blogging away without any apprehensions 
8. Lots of sunshine

9. Reading comments after a post is published

10. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Enough said ! :)

11. Playing with baby girl

12. When the sink is clean :D

13. Coffee

14. Green tea with honey, ginger and lemon
15. Seeing my little students at dance class

16. Cheesecake... Yum !

17. Stepping on the weighing scale to see how much I have lost weight

18. Compliments from LP ;)

19. Compliments from friends

20. Chatting with my close friends on the phone on every non-sensical topic

21. Completing a blog-a-thon

22. Long weekends with perfect weather

23. Dressing up my baby girl in cute outfits

24. Fall season
25. Catching up with friends after a long time

26. Puppies

27. Cats and more specifically kittens
28. Vacations

29. Gifts from loved ones

30. Baby Girl saying new words which have no meaning :)

I had fun writing this list.

Tell me, what are 30 things that make you smile ? :)

Yours' truly,

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  1. Reading comments on your blog is truly a satisfying experience! It really makes you feel happy about all the hard work you put in to draft and re-edit the blog post.. it all seems worth while!
    Mithila Menezes

    1. Yes Mithila :) Just as it shows how thoughtful the readers are to leave their feedback. Thank you !

  2. Beautiful - I especially love number 1, both new and old!

    1. Thanks Janine. And tell me about it ... At first when I heard or read others loving the scent of books I would just find it weird. Not until I saw what they meant and now I totally get their statement. :) Any book - old or new just invites me to indulge in its feel and smell. :)