October 7, 2012

Travel Diaries : Green Bay, Wisconsin (Part I)

LP and I were planning this trip for quite some time but because our friends could not make it, we decided to put it off. However, last Friday, last minute plans were made. 

Mr. Anna visited us from Cincinnati, Ohio and that brought along enough excitement to explore the destination. 

Truly, it was a day filled with sightseeing and nature. Green Bay and Door County, famous sports and tourist spots, are located in Wisconsin. The major highlights, going on at this time of the year, is the National Football League games and the beautiful sights nature has to offer with autumn colors.
Early Saturday, after a sumptuous Indian breakfast from home, we started for Green Bay. It's a 2-hour drive from Milwaukee. The journey up was so relaxing - thanks to lots of conversations between LP, Anna and our friend couple on telephone - Romeo & Juliet. Revived so many fun moments of the group... And when it comes to remembering our gang, I always digress .... ;-)

The onward drive had lots of breath-taking views to offer. The long and comfortable roads, clean blue skies, less vehicles on the move and hues of nature on either sides are a treat for the eyes ! Add to that, blaring loud music, 3 amateur singers with me steering the wheel - and you have a new definition for fun. :-)

As the name goes, Green Bay is home to the professional football team - Green Bay Packers

Our first stop was to visit LP's home - where he stayed since he relocated from Cincinnati 5 months ago. A serene view, the apartment is located amidst peace and quietness. I have visited the place couple of times before and the best thing I liked was the cozy atmosphere of a home.

After a quick coffee at Starbucks, our next stop was the famous stadium - Lambeau Field. The stadium and avenue are dedicated to 2 former players, later famous and long standing coaches - Curly Lambeau and Vince Lombardi. It's a fabulous structure and stands proof of the craziness fans must experience during football games. 

Vince Lombardi
Curly Lambeau
 A section of the interior is also dedicated to the previous championship victories and the sports merchandise. There are official stadium tours and you can see the guides who speak to their batches of visitors at length of their home team and it's achievements. 

I got to see children of ages 4-6 yrs touring the venue with the families wearing the iconic Green Bay Packers jerseys and T-shirts. A common sight even back home at India, it is amazing to see how kids are instilled to follow the great legends of the sport right from childhood.

Stay tuned to read Part-II of this post continuing with Door County, Wisconsin.

So, tell me, which sport do you follow ? And who is your favorite sports idol ? 
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