October 31, 2012

Foto Fridays - Week 15

Ok... this is a "Foto Fridays" post meant for last Friday but being drafted on a Wednesday.

Last 10 days have been a topsy-turvy ride. New assignment, new people, new location, new responsibilities.

There were a lot of activities which made me creep at snail's pace to post regular snaps for the monthly challenge. But October Photo-A-Day Challenge is a wrap ! :)

October Photo-A-Day Challenge

Day 20. 4 'o clock
Moving to a new city is not an easy job. And I have exceled at the job of packing and unpacking (if I may say so). This relocation will always remain memorable for LP and me as we had just over a day to pack up the entire house and send it for shipping. I think we did a good job. :)

Day 21. Calm
Driving away to a new city with new possibilities.

Day 22. In my town
In the new city, the restaurant I visited this day had a wall adorned with abstract art.

Day 23. The view from here
My new office has running escalators all through the day to help people to commute to the other floors. This is what it looks like from up here.

Day 24. Weather
The climate is changing. So its shorter colder days filled with gloomy rain or its' brighter beautiful days like below.

Day 25. People
These miniatures are hand-carved by an artist of ancient times and arranged for exhibit at the local arts museum.

Day 26. Listening to
Old classics on my iPhone.

Day 27. Morning
Today was a lovely day after all the rain we had yesterday and being my first weekend in the new city.

Day 28. Looking back
Painting has been a long lost hobby since childhood and I am trying to revive it back these days. Looking back I remember the different kinds of paints, oils and material I had as a child.

Day 29. Moon
The moon looked like it was posing for me today. Clear sky and a amateur background.

Day 30. Clothes
At the end of the day, this is how my recliner looks like. Strewn with clothes. Living out of suitcases is hard. :-(

Day 31. Whatever you please
View of a painting hung in the hotel room.

 photo Signature2016_zpshf23y4i0.jpg

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