October 8, 2012

Travel Diaries : Door County, Wisconsin (Part II)

After the Green Bay sightseeing ended at Saturday noon, we continued the remaining of the journey with LP behind the wheel. 

We reached Door County in 1.5 hours to view the "Pumpkin Patch" festival. With Halloween just around the corner, this festival mainly boasts of the different arrangements of pumpkins using creative themes. 

Our first photo stop, even before admiring the pumpkins, was the "The Village of Egg Harbor Marina" which docked countless yachts. A beach set perfectly on Lake Michigan - the chilly winds, the calm waters and swaying trees called for the ideal snaps.

On a perfect summer day, you could easily walk down the beach, sit on a reclining chair and enjoy reading your book with a cold drink. Or even better, go sailing on the lake.

Also saw this interesting dummy who sat fishing by the lake. ;-)

Hungry and cold, by this time, we stopped for popcorn and some hot corn sticks. Yum !

The place was filled with people and looked like a lively fair. There were rides for kids, candy stops, music, crowd, dancing, pubs... not to mention unique pumpkin patches. Two themes caught my attention - the "Angry Birds" theme (photo below) and "Different Flags" theme (which had each pumpkin painted as a different European country flag").

Next stop was Peninsula State Park located at Fish Creek, Door County. This magnanimous state park has lots of offer - camping grounds, biking trails, walking trails, a beach by Lake Michigan, parks for kids, an American amphitheater and most importantly - nature at its best. As we drove further and further into the park, our cell phone networks disappeared into oblivion. The 1 hour that we spent there, it felt as the perfect way to de-stress and lose connect with the rest of the world.

Proceeding to the end of evening, we quickly stopped at Eagle Tower - an observatory tower, built in 1914, which shows the entire Michigan shoreline. It was freezing cold at the top of this 75-foot tower, so we took some hasty snaps and descended.

Before starting back from the state park, we alighted once last time to click some more snaps.

The evening ended on a perfect note with some good Indian dinner at Bombay Sweets, Milwaukee. 

So, tell me, when was the last time you spent a day with nature and relaxed without your cell phone ? 

How does it feel to leave all technology for a day ? 
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