October 19, 2012

Foto Fridays - Week 14

This past week was quite eventful. But I will share more about it in another post. :)

And as always clicking pics on Instagram is my stress-buster time.

Take a look at the last week's themes and clicks.

October Photo-A-Day Challenge

Day 13. Landscape
I had posted earlier on my recent trip to Door County, Wisconsin.
You can find it here. Door County had many scenic locales to offer and here is one of my umpteen clicks.

Day 14. Makes you laugh - My friend's son - Adi
This chap always has me in splits each time I try to click a perfect snap of me and him. Although he wiggles like a worm in my arms, at the end of it all I get a beautiful snap.

Day 15. Dinner Time
I miss my mom's homemade south-indian delicacies. She makes them the best.
Until I reach her level, my culinary experiments will be tested by hubby (rather "on" my hubby) :-P Today's special - colacassia curry and potato fry.

Day 16. Something you wrote
We went to the local art museum earlier today. I came across few inspiring quotes in their gift shop. The best of the lot was this -

Day 17. Fruit
I am "not" a fruit person. I know I should work on this a tad bit more than ever considering how many benefits it would have on my health.

Day 18. Made you smile today
LP and I have been reminiscing more about our stay in US and the various ups and downs we faced till now. Each time we bring up a memory, we end up smiling. :)

Day 19. Letters
At the local departmental store, I am always on the look-out for small purchases which add a great value. One such purchase was this wall sticker which adorns our hall. It reads - "FAMILY - where life begins and love never ends."

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