February 29, 2012

March Photo A Day Challenge

Last year, I remember having a conversation with my colleague, A, just outside the office canteen, on how much I like to blog but never seem to come up with ideas. She mentioned that her friend had once decided to blog non-stop for 30 days. Setting a fixed time and thrusting a deadline on herself helped to achieve the goal.

2 months ago, I visited another random blog, which was an everyday photo blog. The author posted a picture of her life everyday. Since then, I have been inspired to start a regular photo post.

And the 'Foto Fridays' posts on this blog have taken form because of this inspiration.

March Photo A Day Challenge is a month long marathon to post everyday photos - each one of a kind. Here's looking forward to a month long of pictures, posts and experiences. :)

Also, wishing you a Happy "Leap" Day ! :)

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